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Being a Vigilant Driver

In 2003 there were over 5,000 accidents in the state of Texas alone. 3675 people died in these accidents. These are only the accident that were reported to state authorities, and do not include occasional bumps, scratches, or fender benders with other cars. Every year the number of accidents that occur annually decrease by a slim number. No matter how much this number decreases the threat of an accident is prominent. There are ways that you can prevent an accident however. If you are a driver over the age of 60 you may want to think about getting checked once a year to see if you are still able to drive efficiently, if you drive on a daily bases pay attention to speed limits even in areas that you are familiar with, last but not least always pay attention to your surroundings.

With old age, someone may feel that they are not performing to the capacity at which they could have as a younger adult. People that are considered elderly may want to be checked annually to see if they are able to drive on the road safely. Though many people feel that they can still drive effectively, that is not always the best choice. Many people notice a decline in eyesight and a slower reaction speed as they get older, these things could potentially lead to an accident if not kept under control.

Many people while driving in a familiar area will accelerate beyond the speed limit. People do this because they feel comfortable with the area and do not feel that they need to be very careful; however most accidents occur in parking lots, and rural areas. When people speed beyond the speed limit their chance of getting into a car accident improves radically. Accidents at a lower speed cause less damage and are usually less serious than those at higher speeds, therefore if people do not watch their speed their risk of causing a fatality or life altering injury to another person will also increase radically.

Another problem that occurs often on the road while driving is when people pay more attention to what is happening in their cars instead of concentrating on what is happening around them. This is a common problem in the United States, people do things such as talk on the phone, eat, and search for things in their car while they are driving. This causes a radical rise in their risk of causing an accident. If people pay more attention to what is going on around them, then the risk of an accident occurring is lowered exceptionally.

The risk of being involved in a car accident is very real. You can prevent yourself from being involved in a car accident by doing 3 simple things. If you are elderly allow yourself to be retested for your license to make sure you can drive safely with others on the road, pay attention to speed limits even in familiar areas, and pay more attention to the road than what is going on within your car. Accidents happen every day. Prepare yourself in case it happens to you as well.