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Top Tips to Lower Your Texas Car Insurance Rates

Looking to save some money on your Texas car insurance bill? These simple, tried-and true tips will help you get the most for your hard-earned dollar.

Tip #1 - Choose the Right Vehicle

Check on the costs of car insurance for a particular vehicle before purchasing the vehicle.  The amount that you pay for your car insurance policy will be directly related to the year, model and make of your vehicle. Typically, your car insurance will be more expensive on an expensive car or on sports cars than it would be on older, less expensive cars.

Tip #2 - Choose a Higher Deductible

If you are willing to be flexible with your deductible, you can save big.  For example, if you go from a $250 deductible to a $1500 deductible can save you as much as forty percent on the cost of your Texas car insurance.

Tip #3 - Trim Your Coverage

Drop your collision or comprehensive coverage on older cars.  If you are driving an older vehicle, you might be paying more for insurance on the car that it is actually worth!  To find out, multiply the premium you are paying for this coverage ten.  If you car is worth less than that amount, it may be best to not buy collision or comprehensive coverage.  If you have substantial assets, however, you might want to consider keeping the coverage.  As a side note, the average policyholder makes a claim only once every decade or so, and reports a total loss of their vehicle once every fifty years (which means that some people will never experience a total loss, although they are paying for comprehensive coverage).

Tip #4 - Shop Around

Always get more than one rate quote before committing to purchase your Texas car insurance policy.  Companies vary widely in the policy prices that they will quote you, which makes it smart to shop around; in fact, you can easily end up paying hundreds of dollars more with one company (per year) than with another.

Tip #5 - Monitor Your Credit Score

Keep an eye on your credit score.  Like everything else in life, your credit score can affect the amount that you pay for Texas car insurance. In fact, those who have bad credit may pay fifty percent more than other policy holders.

Tip #6 - Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Check to make sure you are getting the maximum number of discounts possible on your car insurance.  There are discounts for lots of things – from having safety equipment on your vehicle, like automatic seat belts and anti-lock braking systems to being a safe driver. Inquire about low mileage discounts. If you aren’t driving your car that much or that far, you can qualify for a discount from many insurance companies for low-mileage.

Tip #7 - No Lapses in Coverage

Avoid a lapse in coverage. If you switch insurance carriers, be certain that you don’t allow a lapse in coverage – which can drive up your premiums with your new Texas car insurance provider or make it almost impossible to find an insurer who will write your policy.