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We're committed to serving Texas drivers just like we have been for more than 30 years!

Dallas Car Insurance

Dallas Car Insurance photoWhether you live in the suburbs or downtown, we have a Dallas Car Insurance policy that’s right for you.  Spartan Insurance has been a leader in Texas car insurance for nearly 40 years and calls Texas ‘home.’

We offer competitive rates and an in-house claims service that’s FAST!  Get a free, no-hassle Dallas Car Insurance Quote and start saving money today.

More Than Just Another Insurance Company

We call Texas home and that’s important for us Texans.  When searching for car insurance in Dallas, you may find yourself dealing with companies that are headquartered in far-away states like California or New York.  Are they going to be able to pay a claim as fast as a company that considers itself your neighbor?  Do they know how Texans are and what we expect?

Being a Texan means that you’re strong and independent.  Choose a company that only deals with Texas customers and has been doing so for almost 40 years.


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